Say What?

The Obsession, the Rut, and the Wardrobe


My closet is full of clothes; hangers and hangers strung full of silk blouses and structured jackets, go-to cardis and “that” dress (“those” dresses).  Yet, always, my wardrobe seems to be missing something.  And that impulsive feeling to search for my closet a new friend(who sparkles obviously) tickles my palms.  And, each week, when I stand gazing into my color-drunken obis of collected tees and skirts, I also stand puzzled, “what in hell am I going to wear?!?”  A lightbulb heroically shines a glow of “go nude”, but thankfully dimmed down by the angelic whispers of “No ma’am, Meg.”  So, I throw on something that’s farely new and looks just fine (I know because I received compliments on the ensemble just last week), but it doesn’t feel right, doesn’t feel very “me.”

I figure, the reason my closet is full of stuff from years ago is because I actually really loved those items and I absolutely still do.  The reason I am so conflicted is because I buy something new every week, only to just like it, just because I think it is pretty.  The plan,  starting Monday, September 12, 2011 will simply be to get creative!  I will abide to the rules of a restricted closest and restricted income.    So, for 365 days (September 12, 2012), I, Megan Ross, will not buy/borrow one item of clothing!  No shoes, no tops, no bottoms (panties and socks are on the if necessary list).  What I have, I shall wear.  I am in hopes that this adventure will force me to find my style again.  It is quite obvious that I have lost it.  And, in hopes, to save money.  It is quite obvious that I have lost that too. 

Stay tuned…and pray for me…Megan Ross xoxo